David Jakic


Over the years I have come to understand and firmly believe that building strong networks are a vital part of business.. I am a strong advocate for people who think outside the box and encourage anyone who is brave enough to take a chance on themselves as you are not alone!



I entered the entrepreneurial world in 2008 with the launch of DSA Logistics in conjunction with Steve Jakic, focused on offering premium delivery and transport service around Sydney, Australia. Within the year DSA expanded to multiple drivers, and interstate. At this point, I took the company in hand to manage the business’ exponential growth by focusing on the operations and sales side of the business. Incredible response from customers and demand in the industry led to creation of Pure Choice Australia, focusing on distribution of premium food service supplies to the corporate market. The company launched nationally to great success and continues to lead in the space.

Meanwhile, through opportunities and contacts made throughout the years, together with a good friend and music legend John Martinovic, I launched a management business to help local Australian artists with production, marketing, management and touring opportunities. New Millennium Artists was born in 2012. By 2013, NMA entered the difficult and highly competitive US market, with offices in Beverly Hills, California.

Today, I'm focusing on filling the gap in the corporate catering and supplies market, teaming up with Rory Toemoe in early 2014 and launched a new platform – Clover3 – “a one stop shop for all your catering, kitchen and facility needs”. In line with expansion and lateral expansion, DSA Logistics was re-branded to DSA Group, with focus on bringing a succession of companies that deliver outstanding service and with a priority on looking after staff and business partners.




2017 - Present

Sydney, Australia

Australian Croatian Chamber of Commerce

ACCC has been established to provide support to organisations and individuals seeking opportunities to further develop their business and strengthen the trade between Australia and Croatia, helping to resolve the challenges of the fast growing community. At the ACCC we are committed in assisting the economic growth of Republic of Croatia by providing advice on investment and identifying partnership opportunities and business growth in the respective countries.

As a member organisation the strength of the Chamber are its members. Both large and small businesses from diverse professions and industries are represented and influence the directions of the Chamber’s programs and activities.

Director / National Operations Manager

2014 - Present

Sydney, Australia

Clover3 PTY LTD

Clover 3 is a one stop shop for all your companies catering, kitchen consumable and facility needs. We provides businesses with simple efficiencies in the procurement and payment of in house services.

Clover 3 can consult and analyse how your organisation currently procures a wide variety of services. Through our experience and supplier range, Clover 3 can show you how to realise cost and efficiency savings.

With consolidated invoicing, discount based pricing and better business processes, Clover 3 can help your organisation make measurable savings in the categories we manage.

Talk to Clover 3 today and let us show you how to do better business.

Director of Commercial Music Division

2012 - Present

Australia - Los Angeles

New Millennium Artists

Responsible for direction, strategic guidance, growth and development of all Artists within the NMA Portfolio.

  • Artist Management
  • Artist Development
  • Music Marketing
  • Touring
  • Bookings


2008 - Present


DSA Group

Responsible for direction, strategic guidance, growth and development of all companies within the DSA Group Portfolio.

Company Portfolio
  • Clover3
  • New Milennium Artistis


2014 - 2015

Sydney, Australia

Georgie Porgies Café

We pride ourselves on professionalism, freshness and of course not your boring day to day food. with fun and bubbly staff the only thing that can top of your experience is us serving fresh sandwiches, salads and last but not least some amazing coffee. Come and see for yourself!

  • Westfield Miranda
  • Westfield Parramatta
  • Stockland Shellharbour


2009- 2014

Sydney, Australia

Pure Choice

Pure Choice is a family based company located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We are a premier supplier to the food service industry and our specialty includes Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Cream and Butter.

We source only the best quality products from all over Australia.